The drought in California is sending a message to us, that something is not right, and that nature wants the balance restored. 

The water in California is connected to the Amazon, and the rainforest needs our attention and stewardship.

Amazon Indians rise up and protect their land. The Ka’apor have just expelled illegal loggers trespassing on their territory.

The Indigenous Territories are the green islands of rainforest, and they are the true stewards of the forest. The above image is a satellite view of the Ka’apor territory in the Amazon of Brazil. Don’t mess with the Ka’apor!

Alcoa mines Aluminum ore at the Juruti Mine in Brazil,

Processes that Ore in Aluminum with electricity,

And sells that Aluminum to the US.

AND they are expanding this process with new electricity set to come from Belo Monte.

So we need to divest Alcoa.